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Design · Stamped Drawings

The Massachusetts Building Code 780 CMR Sect. 107.6.2 requires almost all construction to be under the control of a registered design professional, namely a Registered Professional Engineer or Architect. Six Seas Technical Services, LLC offers full services as a “Registered Design Professional” pursuant to the Massachusetts regulations. We work to formalize your design concepts, and to document them so that they can be ready for presentation, whether it be for “submission” to an owner, a general contractor, or to a local building official for permitting. Also, where appropriate we provide a “Construction Control Affidavit” as required for occupancy under 780 CMR

Furthermore the actual construction work shall be the responsibility of a Licensed Construction Supervisor as defined in Sect. 110.R5 of the Code. While design work is performed by the Engineer or Architect, the permit applications based on the design are the responsibility of a Licensed Construction supervisor.
We are fully insured and licensed as construction supervisors under 780 CMR 110.R5 and can provide full services to your project whether it is in the area of permitting or construction supervision.

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Six Seas Technical Services are Design Professionals

Offering Professional Engineering and Licenced Construction Management services 

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